Noli Me Tangere (18"x26") & Noli Me Tangere 2 (26"x28")
2015, Embroidered fabric.

Begun before my grandmother's passing, Noli Me Tangere was formed using a sketch made after passing by her doorway one night, seeing her sitting up in bed, illuminated by a plug-in nightlight. This first of the tapestry pair focuses on the daily repetition of a personality. Noli Me Tangere 2 was begun after my grandmother's passing, and focuses more heavily on memory of the physicality of a face versus the more abstracted expression of a personality present in Noli Me Tangere.



Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity (Chasing The Wild-Deer and Following The Roe)
2016.11"x14", Embroidered/painted fabric and carpet.

Embroidery "sketch" in response to Gustav Holst's "Jupiter: The Bringer of Jollity"
 Jupiter, said to embody the “prime of life,” is a character familiar to the restless and hungering heart of the millennial, the early commuter and late worker, bobbing and cavorting between bewitching adventures. The setting of an entry into the Main Concourse of Grand Central evokes the speed of the most quickly rotating planet. The weighty clunking of each heeled woman, and the sweeping and varying ballads in the sea of shifting feet down ahead can be identified in Holst’s hurried writing. The secondary title, “Chasing The Wild-Deer, and Following The Roe,” nods to Robert Burns’ poem, “My Heart’s In The Highlands.” Wildly and tumultuously the trench coats and anoraks chase after inherently honest and essential interests.