2015, Mixed-Media Installation
Acrylic on linen, charcoal on acetate, braided wire and pulleys. 28' x 20'

I sought to address the issue of the identifiable face of Christ that has somehow passed through ages in art by hands of those who had never seen the man. Therefore, this stretching shadow has a seemingly specific profile of face, but is otherwise just the product/expression of a presence. The feeling of time is given by its endless stretching into a point at the opposite side of the room. But in the present (where the viewer stands), the head sweeps across them in macro view. At the same time, charcoal shading on a strip of acetate has been laid down in a shrinking line on the floor under the fabric, starting from the viewer’s feet and ending at the shadow’s vanishing point. This extension of the shadow toward the viewer implies their partaking, or creation, of the shadow which somehow has a face that is not their own. The specific blue used in the shadow served to identify the leitmotif in the other pieces in its show, so that the common presence (and portrait) is ultimately felt but is the only one that cannot be pinned down to a specific face.